In order to ensure a safe environment for all Band Members following restart of weekly practices and engagements, the following Protocol will be strictly applied, until or unless advised otherwise.

Social Distancing: Members are expected to refrain from all physical contact and should always maintain a safe distance of no less than 1 meter from each other, including in instrument classes, and when performing as a group.

Face Masks: The Band is issuing 2 high quality washable face masks to each Member, which should be used properly and treated as part of our uniforms. Facemasks must be worn by all Members, parents, or visitors, at all times when indoors at a Band practice or event, with the exception of periods when actually playing an instrument.

Close Contacts or Symptomatic: Members and / or their families are expected to act responsibly and not attend Band Practices or events where they are either symptomatic, or where they are confirmed close contacts of somebody who has Covid.

Hygiene: Hand Sanitizer will be provided at the school entrance and in each class, and members are requested to use it periodically. Instruments and music should not be shared or passed between members. In the event where an instrument needs to be tested or fixed, anti-bacterial cleaner will be available and must be used before and after the instrument is handled by someone else.

Minimization of Cash Handling: On restart of the Band there will be 2 “Free Months” where no subscriptions will be collected. Thereafter, a number of options are available to minimize the need for cash handling at Band. Preferably Subscriptions can be paid either by bank transfer, or by using Revolut. Also, or alternatively, the Band can accept payment of multiple weeks in advance, or apply credit towards future weeks to avoid the need for handling any change. We are also launching the option of switching towards monthly payments which reflect a discount versus regular weekly payments.

Printed Sheet Music: Members are asked to not exchange printed sheet music. We will no longer use our printed music case, and we will gradually move towards 100% use of our Online Music Library. Where possible we ask members to print their own music as required at home, using the Band Website. We also will be able to print music on an “on demand” basis at Band practices to reduce the need for handling music by multiple people.

Please help us to keep the Band open by following the above guidance!